Kill a chicken.

Since I've noticed I've got some new readers lately I will start writing some of my posts in english as well which is a proper language to use when you want alot of people to understand... Right? My spanish, french and german sucks so no one would understand it anyway... I'm keeping a food diary right now, helps out a lot for a food junkie as me and feels really easy and sweet just to put it up and compare it to what I do for workout each day. This dinner I made was delicious... I killed the chicken with my bare hands, since I'm a beast. #joking
I'm in love with hashtagging, since it's stupid and I love stupidity. #foreveralone
2 large chickenbreast - 568 kcal
1 hard boiled egg - 60 kcal
Walnuts, large halves 1/8 cup - 40 kcal
1 orange - 44 kcal
Cucumber 1 cup - 16 kcal
2 cups of garden sallad - 52 kcal
(and some lemonjuice over the salad)
Total : 780 kcal
Notice the scar on my cheek? Feel like such a badass when I got if from the MMA:n, hard to admit that it was a girl that accidentally scratched me with her nail.
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